Girl on the Roof specializes in developing messages that position businesses, nonprofits and individuals for greatness… messages that are worth shouting from the rooftop.

The View Is Better Up Here

Let Girl on the Roof facilitate a strategic positioning session that helps your organization emerge more passionate, more focused and more shout-worthy.  We ask questions from a new perspective, with the goal of seizing your competitive edge and rekindling the romance you once had with your job.

One of Many

While shouting from rooftops has its place, it is only one of many marketing tools in our toolbox.  Web, social media marketing, public relations, print, events, TV/video production, advertising and partnerships are among our offerings.  But whatever we develop will be done through the lens of the positioning statement. After all, why would we waste our breath shouting one message if your website shouts another?


Strategic Planning – Although marketing is only one of several elements of a strategic plan, a strategic plan charts the course for all of an organization’s marketing initiatives. After all, how can you plan a trip if you don’t know where you’re going? GotR can facilitate a strategic planning session for your organization over two half days, then walk alongside you in the plan development.

Brand Audit – A brand audit is an independent and objective assessment of your brand presence from the perspective of your target audience. A brand audit includes an evaluation of all touch points with your prospective audience. It also includes a top-line overview of your competitive set. A brand audit is an invaluable tool for providing you an honest assessment of how your audience views your organization.

Audience Profiling – In order to effectively reach your target audience(s), you have to understand them: their priorities, their challenges, where they get their information and how they make decisions. This helps ensure that your message will resonate with your target and motivate them to take action. It also helps you allocate your resources where they will have the greatest impact.

Positioning – A clear brand positioning serves as the basis for all future marketing initiatives. It is the lens through which external communications are viewed. The positioning statement communicates who you are, what you do, who you serve and why someone should work with you – all while expressing the personality of your business.

Logo Packages – An organization’s logo is the essence of their brand; it is what distinguishes them visually from other organizations. A strong logo projects an image, a reputation, an experience. In order to maximize an organization’s brand, the logo must be constructed thoughtfully and used consistently. A GotR Logo package includes recommended color palette and fonts, a graphic standards manual, and common variations of the logo (positive color, negative/reverse color and negative/reverse grayscale). Files will be provided in AI, EPS, JPG and PNG formats.


Keyword Research – The web is indisputably the most common resource for people seeking a service or investigating the credibility of an organization. Keyword research identifies the terms your audience is mostly likely to search to find you (from their perspective, not yours). When the right keywords are integrated into a website strategically, that site works harder, attracts significantly more attention and generates higher conversion rates.

Content Development – From print to web to social media, Girl on the Roof develops content that engages and motivates people to take action. We understand that writing for the web is much different from writing for print (because people approach these media differently). We make every word count. Whether starting
from scratch or editing your existing text, we are obsessed with style and grammar, so your organization always sounds polished and professional.

Website Design – Your website is your most valuable marketing tool. A good website works around the clock to promote your organization. For better or worse, your website reflects the quality and credibility of your organization. The impression it makes on your audience heavily impacts their willingness to take action. Websites built by GotR are as hard-working as they are beautiful. And all of our sites are built with responsive design, so they are just as functional and stylish on a smart phone or tablet as they are on a desktop.


Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing art, but it is absolutely essential for a website to perform effectively. Some SEO factors include navigation, keyword utilization, back-end technology, site map optimization, registration and indexing, inbound links, analytics setup and monitoring, and social media interaction. AdWords (Pay-Per-Click) strategies can also be highly effective in generating traffic. Nonprofits may be eligible for free AdWords grants on Google. GotR can assist with this.

Graphic Design – Whether for print, video or electronic media, professional graphic design projects a strong, memorable image for a brand. When design elements are used consistently, they increase your brand recognition and help differentiate you from your competition.

Social Media Strategy – With the importance and wide usage of social media in today’s business world, a social media presence is important for nearly every organization. Audience research will inform which outlets make sense for yours. Deliverable includes a strategic work session, full plan development (including recommended outlets, content categories and percentages, post scheduling and frequency, techniques for increasing engagement, etiquette insights, etc.).

Social Media Execution – Social media is an incredibly valuable marketing medium, but maintaining an active presence in social media takes time. Girl on the Roof can manage your social media efforts for you and with you to ensure you are engaging your audience consistently, with strong and relevant content that connects your audience to your organization.

Public Relations – Public relations requires strategic, deliberate, two-way communication with the media. It’s about more than sending a monthly press release; it’s about knowing what’s newsworthy and how to position yourself as a resource. Girl on the Roof can help create a PR strategy for your organization that will ensure consistent communications that are meaningful to the public (and therefore meaningful to the media).

Video Production – Good marketing is about storytelling, and video is one of the most effective storytelling methods. Whether it’s a :30 teaser for an upcoming event, a series of testimonials about lives you’ve impacted, or a training video for your team, Girl on the Roof can provide creative, cost-effective video production services.