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I was recently asked to give a presentation on Marketing to a group of nonprofit leaders. It’s a tough economy for just about everyone, but few have experienced the scarcity more than nonprofits and government agencies (recent news of inflated salaries did not include the Knoxville area).

I knew that most of these leaders had experienced cutbacks and were likely now wearing the hats of two or three staff members. Many of them were trying to find jobs for developmentally disabled individuals in an economy where fully capable folks are struggling to find jobs. There was likely little I could say to these folks that would come as news to them; still, a refresher course in some marketing basics could recalibrate their thinking a little bit. My goal was to keep it simple so they could remember it easily. I quickly came up with the acronym SCRAPE. Here’s how it plays out.


Strategic Planning
Critical Success Factors

It’s important to note the order here. Audience remains a constant in all of these steps, but the true fleshing out and defining of that audience should be the center of the process. Aside from that, the order here is critical for any organization wanting to maximize its resources (and who doesn’t want to do that?). The next few blog posts will touch on each of these topics, laying out a few basics. Again, most of us know this stuff; but a little reminder is helpful.

More to come from Girl on the Roof.

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