Preparing for Mobilegeddon

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At Girl on the Roof, we’re not usually prone to wear a sandwich board and wander through the city streets, warning citizens of the coming end of days, but in this case, we’re going to make an exception. Mobilegeddon is coming.

Starting on Tuesday, April 21st, Google will be changing their ranking formulas to place responsive (mobile-friendly) websites higher in their search results than websites that are not responsive. It’s an unprecedented move, one which Google has publicly stated will have a “significant” impact (see this blog post from Google) on search rankings on mobile devices.


So why the hysteria? Let’s say that you own a pizza shop, and your website is not responsive. If a potential customer searches for “pizza restaurants” on their mobile device, your restaurant is going to appear in the rankings below all competitors who have mobile-friendly websites. It’s worth noting that nearly 50% of all Google searches now happen on mobile devices. For local searches (people searching for a business in their specific geographic area) nearly 75% are performed on a mobile device.


With percentages that high, it’s easy to see why many are calling this update to Google’s search algorithm “Mobilegeddon.” This is a significant change in how Google displays their search results, and a large number of organizations and businesses are likely to see a significant drop in their search rankings.

Fellow citizens, it doesn’t have to be this way.

How can I find out if my site is mobile-friendly?

If you are worried about your website being affected by this change, the first thing you need to do is find out if Google considers your website to be mobile-friendly. Google has provided an easy-to-use tool to test your site. Type in your website’s URL and if you receive the message, “Awesome! This page is mobile friendly,” take a deep breath and pour a glass of your favorite beverage. You’re likely to survive Mobilegeddon. However, if you receive the message “Not mobile-friendly,” then your website needs some attention. It may be that your site is responsive, but needs a few tweaks and updates to be compliant with Google’s new rules. Or, your site may not have been built responsively at all. Either way, after April 21st, you can expect to see your search rankings drop significantly if your site is not updated.

Another quick way to check to see if your site is mobile friendly is to search for your website on a mobile device. When you search for your website on a tablet or smartphone, you should (ideally) see that the search result gets a “mobile friendly” label next to the search result.


I’m not ready! What can I do? Help!

If your website is not currently responsive, we would strongly recommend developing a plan to fix these issues immediately. Girl on the Roof can help. We have developed fully responsive, mobile-friendly websites for numerous non-profit and business clients. If you need help surviving the coming doom, press our Mobilegeddon panic button below to get in touch.


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