About the Client

James Rich’s TaeKwonDo is Knoxville, Tennessee’s most respected martial arts program and is also one of its longest running. In business since 1988, James Rich TKD has been dedicated to helping students and families achieve their potential and experience the many benefits that TaeKwonDo martial arts classes can provide. Find out more about their classes and programs at KnoxvilleTaeKwonDo.com

Project Summary

James Rich TaeKwonDo hired Girl on the Roof after realizing that their website was basically invisible to search engines. They were seeking front page placement on Google for several key search terms. Girl on the Roof was hired to optimize their website for Google which would increase web traffic and ultimately increase student enrollment. Here are some of the results we achieved after performing SEO on their website:

  • James Rich TaeKwonDo began appearing on the front page of Google for all targeted keywords.
  • Web traffic increased by over 33% within 6 weeks.
  • Phone calls, foot traffic, and enrollment increased rapidly giving James Rich TaeKwonDo their highest August enrollment in 25 years of business.

Social Media Campaign

After the success of Girl on the Roof’s SEO work, James Rich hired us to launch a four week Facebook campaign to increase brand awareness in the community and also to further increase student enrollment. Girl on the Roof developed a branding and advertising campaign focused on three ideas: “The Power of Strong”, “The Power of Respect”, and “Kick the Screen”.

Power of Respect 2
Ella concept 2
JR TWD kick screen

Some highlights from this 30-day campaign:

  • An increase in page likes from 288 to 605
  • Facebook reach increased by 600%
  • Facebook engagement increased by 450%
  • In only 4 weeks, posts on James Rich TaeKwonDo’s Facebook wall received over 1000 comments, likes, and shares.

Services Provided

  • Keyword Research
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Campaign Management

“Our increase in business was tenfold over 2012’s back-to-school season. This year we are on pace to have our highest enrollment in 25 years of business. The enrollment inquiries started just three weeks after Girl on the Roof completed our SEO services. It was amazing!”

James Rich
Owner and Operator, James Rich TaeKwonDo