Case Study Homes of Love

About the Client

Established in 2000, Homes of Love provides stable, nurturing homes to orphaned, abandoned, and other at-risk children in Southeast Asia and Africa. Through access to education, healthcare, and a loving family environment, Homes of Love children escape the dangers of poverty, abuse, neglect, and sexual exploitation. With the support of their Homes of Love families and the unconditional love of Christ, these children are freed to pursue a healthy, vibrant future.

By working with individuals and organizations around the world, Homes of Love develops, trains, and supports in-country Christian parents to raise at-risk children as their own. Homes of Love is made possible through the relational, financial, and prayer support of sponsors and donors.

Project Summary

Homes of Love approached Girl on the Roof for a logo redesign. They wanted a more modern logo that was simple, recognizable, gender-neutral, scalable and easy to integrate into marketing materials and other initiatives. At the same time, they wanted to preserve a child-like feel with the logo, since the organization focuses on nurturing children through safe, loving homes. The original logo was drawn by their daughter (4 years old at the time), so it held a special place in the organization’s history.

Services Provided

  • Logo design
  • Graphic standards manual
  • Print material design


The new logo includes an adaptation of one of the hand-drawn flowers from the original logo. It was recolored to make it more gender-neutral. The house retained the same general shape, but putting it behind the H allowed the logo to be more compact and cohesive, which makes it more memorable and easy to work with. Likewise, the heart, which originally surrounded the full logo, took the place of the O in LOVE. By not having a border around the logo, it makes the organization feel more open and welcoming. The “handwritten” font speaks both to the child-like feel but also to the fact that letter-writing is a big part of the Homes of Love program.

HOL 3 final logos

The incorporation of multiple graphic elements (the flower, the heart and the house) in the logo gave Homes of Love more elements to play with in their graphic design, while still ensuring consistency and brand identity. Here are a few examples.

HOL CC prayer header2

Email Header – This is one of a series of regular emails that Homes of Love generates. The white box behind the logo is the shape of the yellow house behind the H. The heart with the photo is taken from the heart in the logo.

child profile screencapChild Profile
Each child within the Homes of Love program has a profile. When staff visit the children in their home countries, the children love to see their profile sheet. Rather than a sterile document, we wanted to both the staff and the children something cheerful to review together. The child’s photo takes the shape of the house from the logo, and the other logo elements and colors are incorporated to brighten up the document while still keeping it clean and professional.

“The creative process of working with Girl on the Roof has been so much fun for us! They quickly understood who we are and the message we wanted to communicate. We love our new logo and are looking forward to developing a new website with their assistance.”

Debbie Chesney
Executive Director, Homes of Love