Case Study RAF

About the Client

Random Acts of Flowers gathers donated flowers and repurposes them into bouquets. Volunteers then deliver the bouquets to unsuspecting people in hospitals, senior care centers, and hospice facilities across the country. Volunteers almost entirely run the nonprofit and are committed to improving the lives of people in several communities in the U.S.

With financial support from corporate sponsors, grants, and private donations, Random Acts of Flowers has delivered nearly 74,500 bouquets nationwide since it was established in 2008.

The nonprofit, located in five cities and based in Knoxville, has been featured in several publications and national news programs including, People, Brides, and NBC’s Today Show.

Project Summary

Random Acts of Flowers approached Girl on the Roof to create a beautiful new website design that would help to position Random Acts of Flowers as a growing national nonprofit. Over the past several years, Random Acts of Flowers extended its reach from Knoxville into four other locations across the country. As the nonprofit grew, a completely new website was created for every new location. This led to a small office team attempting the daunting task of managing and updating nearly a half-dozen websites. Because staff and volunteers in different cities were then tasked with maintaining these websites, it quickly became difficult to ensure consistency and accuracy across all of the websites. Not only were consistency and efficiency issues for the various websites, but the design of the websites did not accurately reflect the stature of a national nonprofit. With this unique set of problems, Girl on the Roof set out to not only create a stunning new design, but also a robust, easy-to-use back end that would allow for all of the websites to be updated easily and accurately.


To solve these issues, Girl on the Roof built a website network utilizing WordPress Multisite. This configuration allows for multiple, distinctive websites to function out of one common login area. The Multisite framework gave Random Acts of Flowers the ability to update and manage all of their websites at once. With just one username and password, site administrators are able to access all of the nonprofit’s network of websites from a single drop-down menu. Site administrators can quickly access shared plugins, themes, and additional features.

In addition to this highly functional back-end, A beautiful and colorful new design was created for the Random Acts of Flowers network of websites. This bold new design features video, beautiful photography, animated up-to-the-minute statistics, a creative side-screen navigation menu, and a highly functional responsive design to keep the site looking beautiful on tablets and smartphones.

“The Girl on the Roof team has been a delight to work with. From the start of our project through to its completion, they’ve exceeded our expectations. It’s nice to have a creative team that really understands our organization and finds creative ways to help tell our story in a dynamic way.”

Larsen Jay
Executive Director, Random Acts of Flowers