About Girl on the Roof

Girl on the Roof is located in Knoxville, TN but serves clients as far away as Togo and Vietnam. Clients include nonprofit organizations and socially minded businesses (we call some of them “Loudmouths”) who aim to make a difference in the lives of others. Because our clients want to invest their resources in what they do best (making a difference), Girl on the Roof is all about maximizing every dollar. We don’t just provide services that look great. We provide services that get RESULTS.

What's with our Name?
What's with our Name?

Core Operating Philosophies

At Girl on the Roof, employees and contractors alike are screened on the basis of character,competency, chemistry, and culture. If our name is on it, this is what it means:

  • We do all things with excellence. Every time. Period.
  • We add value through ideas, not just through execution. We are a strategic marketing firm, not a web design or graphics shop (though we do those things really well). To ensure the best results, we start with the message and the audience; then we develop the strategy and the plan; then we execute.
  • We spend a client’s money like it’s our own (and we’re pretty frugal). Whether for-profit or nonprofit, our clients work hard for every dollar they bring in. We honor that by stretching each one as far as we can.
  • We are truthful. If a client is always right, they don’t need us. For those who do need us, we ask tough questions, give honest opinions and provide the best counsel possible. We are just as likely (or more) to say, “You don’t need that; it’s a waste of money,” as we are to say, “This is really going to help you.”
  • We do work that matters. Regardless of shape, size, or sector, we serve organizations who serve others. We even created the Loudmouth program in which corporate clients can help support nonprofits. This isn’t just a job for us; it’s a calling.

Remote Benefits

Girl on the Roof is a proud member of the remote business movement. The benefits are endless. Here are a few biggies:

  • By not having a posh hipster office space, we are able to keep our rates lower. Nonprofit organizations have enough trouble paying their own overhead; we don’t think they should have to pay ours, too.
  • A remote operation allows us to hire the best people for a project, no matter where they live (like Iris in Spain).
  • We can more easily work with our global clients on their timetable, at 3am wearing pajamas if necessary.
  • Since most of us are introverts, we are more efficient, productive, creative, and satisfied working in our own space, where we are freed from squabbles over music and SEC teams (Go Vols!).
  • Carol’s nickname is the Lorax, so we speak for the trees. Building, heating and cooling an office space that we only occupy for a third of the day (while our homes are sitting vacant) just doesn’t seem to honor the environment or its Creator. Sitting in commuter traffic is also bad for the environment… and it wastes time that is better spent crafting messages worth shouting.

Who’s on the Roof?

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